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For more than twenty years, renowned cookbook author Capt. Jan Robinson cruised the clear blue waters of the Caribbean aboard her 60-foot motor-sailer, sharing with charter guests not only her love for yachting but also her fascination with all of the colorful cultures they encountered on the many islands they visited.

Capt. Jan’s guests, constantly amazed that she could turn out gourmet meals in a galley the size of most people’s closets, kept asking for her recipes. Finding that chefs on other yachts were also being asked for their galley secrets, Jan saw the need for a cookbook and decided to be the one to create it. Combining her own recipes with the best of more than 2,000 easy-to-prepare recipes, hints, and tips collected from 300 other yacht chefs from all over the world, she published her first cookbook, SHIP TO SHORE, now in its 17th printing.

The ongoing success of that first book has led to a stream of additional best-seller cookbooks including SIP TO SHORE (cocktails and hors d’oeuvres), SEA TO SHORE (a cook’s guide to fish and shellfish cooking), SLIM TO SHORE (recipes for a healthier lifestyle), STORE TO SHORE (menus, recipes, and shopping lists), BAHAMA MAMA’S COOKING, FAMOUS VIRGIN ISLAND RECIPES. Some of these continue Capt. Jan’s tradition of gathering recipes from the most accomplished charter-yacht chefs, while others celebrate the cuisines of the Bahamas and Caribbean. All are sold at hundreds of shops as well as on-line. To order one of Capt. Jan’s books or an entire collection, please click here.

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